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Amazonia 5 & 25 LITERS Sport Horses, breeding and hiking

Amazonia is a muscle relaxant that effectively struggles stiff gaits, provides an excellent functioning of the horse´s locomotors system. Specially recommended for horses suffering joint and ligament pains. Uses: 150 ml. per /day until satisfied. Then 3x / week.

RELAX 1.5 kg 50 DOSES

Relax helps short-tempered horses to recover the calm and focus that are essential to attain the performance during competition periods. Usage: 1 portion to be added to the basic ration every day during a competition period, and preferably 2 hours before the utilization of the horse.

MEGA FLEX 1.5 kg 50 doses

Mega Flex is a chondro-protector that is used for young horses at work as well as for horses under tough sporting efforts. MEGA FLEX has properties that support joints and cartilage. Chondroitin, glucosamine, collagen type I and II strengthen tendons and cartilage joints.


Arthro Force is suggested for horses suffering from rheumatism and arthrosis. It contains glucosamine that support the synovial fluid, from the black currant leafs for joint mobility and has a natural anti inflammatory effect.

MUSCLE MASS 1.5 kg 50 doses

Muscle Mass: Vitamin A, B12 as well as DL – Metionine, the Muscle Mass lysine support the muscular enzymatic processes and weight gain. Alongside Muscle Mass contains a high level of Vitamin E for the strength and muscle tone. Vitamins of group A, B1, B2, B12, D3, decrease the reactions of tiredness, which is compulsory to rapidly regain energy. Adult horses: 1 portion each day to be added to the basic ration during a 10 days cycle, then 3 times per week. Growing foals: one portion every other day during a 10 days cycle.


Mega Blood / Essential for improving fitness conditions.
– Diminish stress and fatigue reactions, quick energy recovery.
– Rich in iron to support a high level of red blood cells.
-Contributes to a good growing in foals and gathers all organic needs (vitamins and minerals). Adult horse: 1 dose (30 g) per day in the food 15-20 days.
Competition training: 1 dose per day during 5 days, including the day of the race. Foals: 1 dose 1day every other day during 15 days.